Sunday, October 12, 2008

Conference Weekend

This is me and Morgan, she is so much fun!!!

This is Maren, Spenc, Morgan, and Madi.  Aren't they cute!

This is Zach's big bro Dave, no resemblance their! haha and Dave's beautiful wife Brit!  We love you guys!
Zach and I went to Salt Lake last weekend for his Mission reunion.  It was a lot of fun!!!  We stayed with his brother Dave and wife Britney, we had a ton of fun!! They are an amazing family and we wish we could see them more.  


The Wilsons said...

Hey! Your blog is so stinkin cute! Very tarah! I love it. Dont you love mission reunions? I think they are so fun.

whitney said...

Hey you we still need to get all of our lame friends to do something. Maddie is in town but I dont know for how long so we need to get something going

Ronnie & Chelise Sawyer said...

Hey, Dave and Brittany's kids are adorable, I met them the other day in Hatch and fell in love with cute! and..I just might need your help again with the whole blogging thing. I changed mine to ronnieandchelise now instead of ronnieandchelisesawyer it was just too long. We need to hang out soon!