Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer where have you gone!

So a lot has happened since I last blogged! I am still pregnant with a girl for approximately 12 more weeks. I have been very blessed with a healthy baby so far and I have also felt really good most of the time. It is however getting very difficult to sleep! And everyone that knows me knows I don't do well without my sleep. Zach is in his masters program that took up a lot of his summer. I will start student teaching at CHS on August 31st. Zach and I went to California with JaCoy and her family. We had a great time. I took pictures but now I can't find my camera so as soon as I do I will add those. JaCoy and her kids were in Cedar for about 7 weeks. It was fun to have them, I only wish they lived closer. So summer has flown by and now back to school one last time for me.
On July 23rd my Grandpa Rowan passed away from a lot of different things. It was a little unexpected but luckily he was only sick for about a month. He was a wonderful Grandpa who loved us and supported us in all that we did. I doubt I will ever meet anyone with his sense of humor and wit. I loved him dearly and will miss him.
So our summer has come and gone with a lot of fun things. We went to the lake a few times and the mountain and I have great pictures of all of those as soon as I find my camera! So hope all is well with everyone else.


kadeandmaddie said...

Hey Tarah! I'm sorry about the lack of sleep...I wish I could tell you that it ends soon. I'm sorry about your Grandpa too. Good luck with student teaching, you will do great!

The Wilsons said...