Thursday, March 4, 2010

4 Months!

Taytum will be 4 months old tomorrow! I cannot believe it! It has been an awesome experience thus far and I look forward to every day I get to be a mother! Sometimes it is difficult but it is so worth it. I can be so mad at anything and then all of the sudden she will smile at me and everything is great again! Zach is such a great father and helps me so much! I have been substituting for Mrs. Langston for 3 weeks now and I have 3 to go. So it has been hard leaving in the mornings but I think Zach has enjoyed his time spent with our daughter! We are both so busy and don't get to see each other much but that will hopefully change when Zach is done with school in 7 weeks. He is getting his MBA right now and is super busy with that! Sorry I don't have pictures in this post but I will get some soon!

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Sutton said...

So crazy that it's been 4 months already, in fact it's crazy that you have her already! Seems like you just got pregnant! She is so stinkin cute though, makes me baby hungry! We're really gonna miss you guys! You guys really do need to come down to Texas and we'll all go on a cruise or something!