Tuesday, May 4, 2010

McKell's Wedding/Zach's Graduation

McKell's Wedding and Zach's graduation pictures.
Do you see any resemblance?

Zach's parent's.

My Parents. Zach and I are very blessed to have such great parents. Thanks for your love and support!

Yes you read that right, McKell got married! It was a wonderful wedding, beautiful weather, flowers, and bride ofcourse. McKell married Ben Lowe from Salt Lake. They have been dating for about 4 years so it was a long time coming. It was a great weekend that we were able to be with so much family. They are now on their honeymoon to Thailand for 2 weeks!

This past weekend was Zach's graduation. He got his MBA from SUU! It took a lot of hard work and long hours but he did a great job! Now if there were only jobs available! We are so proud of him for continuing with his education! Also he got released from the Bishopric 2 weeks ago. So these past few weeks have been full of excitement and lots of events! I'm excited to have someone to sit by at church now!


kadeandmaddie said...

Fun Stuff! Congrats McKell and Zach...Doctorate in Arizona. You can talk him into it!

Sutton said...

So many things have happened since we left!! 1. Zach shaved his head! - looks good! 2. MBA graduate - that is super exciting, congratulations! 3. bishopric releasing - that too is exciting! You guys are having a good month. Time to use that goodness and make it even better and come to TEXAS!! We can go on a cruise....or not, we could just hang out at our apart. pool! Super idea if I may say so myself.