Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer.... thus far!

I still haven't gotten this whole blogging thing down so my posts are a little out of chronological order but oh well. So today is the 4th of July obviously and my wonderful sister JaCoy got Taytum this dress and headband for the 4th. Also she took some great pictures of her! So here are a couple! Isn't she the cutest little flag you've ever seen! Man I love her! So we also celebrated my Grandma Barbara's 80th birthday today up at my aunt Terri's! It was a great time! Great food, great people, and an amazing women! I love my Grandma very much and anyone that knows her, loves her too! Hope she is around for a lot more of these birthdays!

Well it has been a while since my last post! I cannot believe how time goes by so quickly. So since Mother's day a lot has gone on. Last week was the Utah Summer Games which I had been looking forward to for about a year now. Last year I couldn't play because I was pregnant so I couldn't wait to play this year! It was great! I miss basketball a lot because it was pretty much my life since I could walk! The competition this year was great and I enjoyed playing and watching others play! We went 2-2 which was unfortunate but they were all great games! I have also been playing every wednesday with some ladies at a church and that has been a blast! We all just pack our kids with us and set them up to play and we go for it! I don't have any pictures of the summer games because I'm not good at remembering a camera unless Taytum is involved!

So this weekend was the Bauer family reunion, which was in Deer Haven this year! It was a great time! Except.... Taytum apparently hates sleeping in a camp trailer and not her own crib. So she decided not to sleep for the majority of the night! Other than that it was great! Zach is such a camper, he brought a teepy and trailer and everything else you would ever think to need! So I have pictures of that.
Well there you have it! Pretty much the highlights of the summer so far, well atleast the ones I can remember, and I don't have a great memory anymore, I blame it on the baby! Happy 4th of July! We live in a great country and have amazing people fighting everyday for our Freedom! Thank you!


Kelli and Nicholas said...

She is so adorable and so big! Hope your summer is going great. We miss you guys!

Jason and Whitney said...

Taytum is so fetchin cute.....I miss her! And you too, T! I wish we were closer so we could see you guys more often. I hope you're doing great! Please come visit us before summer is over! Love ya.