Friday, October 7, 2011

Summer where have you gone?

Well this summer, like all summer's, flew on by and left me wishing I wouldn't have waisted one second of the nice weather.  I love the Fall though, but it appears that may have come and gone as well.  I love the weather in the fall, the sports, the leaves, the food, and just the feeling that the Holidays are just around the corner.  Today I am sitting at my house with the strangest feeling, Zach took Taytum to Cedar and so it is just me and my little Finn.  She is so quiet that sometimes I forget she is here.  I haven't had this much silence since November 5th 2009, Taytum's birth.  I love that girl more than you know but she is LOUD!  I don't know where she gets it, really I don't think I am loud and I know Zach isn't, so just another mystery. So far Taytum and Finnley are opposites.  Taytum has bright blue eyes, white hair, light skin, and more spunk than anyone ever!  Finnley is dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, and the most mellow baby!  They love each other though!  Taytum will grab Finnley's hands and say patty cake super slow, then roll it, also slow, then she mumbles some stuff and tickles Finnley's belly.  Finn just laughs and stares at Taytum.  The other night Tay decided she wanted to read Finn a book, so we sat them down and she started "reading", during her story she decided to count, and counted from 5-10 perfectly!  It was amazing, she had never counted before! 
I like to call Taytum my almost 2 year old Teenager because she acts like she's about 16.  She always wants to get in the car and go "dribin" and she will put her sunglasses on, her purse on her shoulder, and talk on her cell phone.  She mostly says, "hello, umm, yeah, umm, okay, umm, sure" etc..., it is really funny!  If I ever figure out how to put a video on here I will.  She helps me clean up the house with her mini dyson, and if she spills anything she wipes it up, with her shirt! haha I love this little gal and I can't believe how fun she is.  Finn is so much fun too!  I love babies!  I love everything about them except the sleeping through the night.  I love the way they smell, the way they giggle, cuddle, smile, and stare.  I seriously get sad when I think about how fast the two of them are growing up.  I didn't think I would be like this with kids, but I am a big time softy! 
 I have been spending most of my spare time, between diapers, feeding, cleaning, repeat.. making signs.  I am liking it, not loving it yet.  I have always wanted to design shoes and other things to do with sports so this crafty stuff isn't really coming naturally.  Anyways enough about that.  We love it in Kaysville and are so happy to be here.  Zach got a different job and is now working with Grainger and is super excited about that.  I am going to start reffing basketball in about a month and can't wait to get involved more with sports up here.  Taytum will be 2 in a few weeks and I cannot believe it!  Finnley is 4 months and growing like a weed!  So overall we are doing well and enjoying this crazy, busy time in our lives!


Jaelyn said...

Your kids are soooo cute! Girls are so fun and funny! I am glad you guys like it up here! Greg is going to ref up here too! He did it last year! He went as far as bountiful....maybe you guys will ref together!

Jason and Whitney said...

thanks for the post!! It's always nice to see whats going on in your life!! Zach, new job?? What?? What is it? That boy goes through jobs like I go through diapers! haha, jk but I hope he likes it. We really should meet up half way and go to dinner or something. Love ya lots.