Sunday, December 28, 2008

Anniversary @ Christmas!

Well December 21st was our 2 year anniversary!  Crazy how time flies.  It was a wonderful day but I prefer it not being on a Sunday.  My whole family came to town so we had a nice diner down at my parents.  Zach and I have been tending my niece, Lilah, a couple of times so I decided I better get some pictures!  We also sold our dog Dozer because we decided he needed more attention and we couldn't give him that.  It was super sad but 5 little kids got him for Christmas so hopefully he is happy!
Every year we have a big Christmas Eve party at the church.  It is so fun to be with family and friends.  The food is always amazing to.  My nephews all got Air Jordans on Christmas Eve and they were so excited.  It reminded me of when I was a little younger and that's all I ever wanted.  I am so grateful that my family could all come!  It is so good to be together!
Zach and I got each other snowboards for Christmas and we are so excited to use them.  So if anyone likes to snowboard give us a call! 

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Allie Pepper said...

Tarah!!! I love that you blog! HOws things with you? you gave away your puggle??? We have a little puggle. We named him bear. Check out my pics of him! Super cute!