Friday, December 12, 2008


So basically I have been slacking on the whole blogging thing.  This month has been so crazy busy that I haven't had much time to take any pictures but I figured I could write a little.  Well a couple things have happened, I am now a brunette, we sold our dog, and I am coaching basketball at Cedar High!  So yeah life is always busy.  Zach and I are excited for the Christmas break and our 2 year anniversary!  I cannot believe it has been that long!  I just have to say that he is seriously the best husband in the world!  I couldn't have asked for anything more.  
Lately we have been able to tend my niece Lilah!  Wow what a cute little girl.  I seriously love watching her!  My dad blessed her last Sunday and it was so amazing.  I am so grateful for my family and how amazing they are.  I love them all so much and appreciate all that they do!  I just wish I could see everyone more!  Anyways now I have a little bit of a break from school I will get some pictures up.  Hope everyone is doing good and enjoys the holiday season as much as I do!  


The Wilsons said...

Glad to hear the update! Even though I have already seen your hair. I didnt know you sold dozer? He was there when we stopped by today? Well lets go hot tubbing at your place.. haha

whitney said...

thanks for the update! sad about dozer! hes such a funny dog! and yes you do need to see me more! we need to get lunch dates going again!