Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crawling.... How did this happen?

Taytum pulling herself up at her Aunt JaCoy's new house. 
Well it's happened, I don't know how it snuck up on me so fast, but Taytum has gone mobile.  She crawls all over, if you can call what she does crawling!   It's kind of like a Tarzan move, with a knee down and the other leg in front, kicking and pulling.   It's pretty funny actually, but she gets where she's going, it just takes a while.  She is so fun to watch grow and learn new things everyday. 

Taytum's best friend, well one of them.  She likes pretty much anything soft and furry, especially penguins.
As you can tell Taytum loves her dad, her teddy, and food.  She eats like a grown man but doesn't gain much weight.  Hopefully she will keep that metabolism forever!  Well I just had my 24th birthday last week and we went to Vegas to stay with my sister.  Zach had to take the GMAT (thank goodness that's over) and I got to spend time with JaCoy and the kids.  I'm so glad they are close now!  I have been coaching soccer at Cedar High, and I love it.  I love to be around the girls and of course any sporting event count me in.  Zach is just searching for jobs and applying for his doctorate, so who knows what's in store for us.  Life is great though and I am so blessed to have such and amazing family!  I was planning on writing a longer post but Taytum is screaming in her crib because of overexhaustion.  Yay!  So I better end here!
Zach and Tayter
Who doesn't love a creamy!

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