Sunday, November 7, 2010

One Year Old and Wise Too!

It feels like only yesterday that I was 9 months pregnant and anticipating becoming a mother.  Now it's been 1 year since Taytum's birth!  I cannot believe how fast the time has gone.  Now I know what everybody means when they say you'll blink and they'll be graduating high school.  If every year goes this fast I'll be ninety in a couple of blinks.  Well Taytum is the cutest and happies one year old I have ever known.  She loves people, (except men) and is always so happy and cheerful.  She makes everyone smile because she is always smiling or gigling or doing something funny.  I love her so much and cannot imagine my life without her.  I often wonder, what did I do before I had a kid?  Where did all of my time go?  I know whatever I was doing was not nearly as important/rewarding as what I'm doing now. 

Anyways enough about how great my child is, hehe, Zach and I are still in Cedar for a few more months at least.  Zach has gotten a few prospects in Denver for jobs.  So I think we will be heading that way soon.  I am excited to move but also sad to be away from my family.  My mom broke her ankle really bad 2 weeks ago so I have been able to take care of her.  She is used to being very independent and I think it's been hard on her to have to slow down a little.  She has been a really good patient besides her wanting to get up and go on her own all the time.  The doctor told her one more week before she could put any weight on it, so hopefully she won't go to crazy!  I am done coaching soccer and am gearing up for basketball tomorrow!  I'm super excited for this year because the seniors are the girls I coached my first year.  It's been great to watch them grow and progress as basketball players and as people.  I love to coach, it's the next best thing to playing!  So hopefully it will be a successful and a fun year!  So that's us in a nutshell, hopefully you will enjoy the cute pictures of Taytum on Halloween. 


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The Swank Family said...

Hey we are moving to Denver in May...let us know if you end up there! That would be cool :) Good luck with basketball too. And your little girl is so darling!! Oh and by the way, we still have a book Luke borrowed from you guys a long time ago. We need to get it back to you, sorry!