Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's been a while!

Sorry it has been so long!  I think you will be sympathetic after I explain all that has happened in the last 2-3 months!  So last time I blogged it was Taytum's 1st Birthday!  We had a great time and she was very funny as usual.  Since then we had Thanksgiving which we spent at my Grandma Barbara's, and if you've ever eaten anything of hers you know we had a great Thanksgiving.  Wade and Sarah, and Mike and Terri were there, so it was small but very enjoyable.  We ate and slept, then ate some more, and watched football, you know the usual activities of a Thanksgiving day!  After that was Christmas prep, and I started to work at Sports Authority for seasonal.  It was a busy, busy month, but we made it and had a great Christmas with my family.  We always have a Christmas Eve party at the Church with family and close friends.  We eat, play basketball, have a live nativity, and enjoy being together!  Taytum had a good time with all of her cousins and seems to be bossing them around more than anything.  She is definitely a firecracker!  Good thing she is so cute, otherwise I don't think she would get away with it. 

After Christmas was time to gear up for the Wedding!  So my sister's and I had a Bridal Shower for Brooke at my Aunt's house.  It turned out to be really fun and she got a lot of nice things.  In the meantime, Zach was still searching for a job and had been disappointed on a few prospects.  Until the middle of January, he decided to take a job offer in Denver with Lincare.  So he moved right away and I stayed in Cedar to help with the Wedding and continue coaching the Freshman girls basketball team. 
 So at my parent's house, we had Brooke, me, Taytum, Adrian (Grant's younger brother), and my parents all living there.  It was hectic for everyone!  I was busy packing and trying to help with the wedding but it's not easy to do either one of those when you have a rambunctious 1 year old trying to get her hands on everything and then everything going directly to the mouth!  Also I had to take Taytum to Salt Lake to get her surgery on January 20th.  We stayed with McKell and Ben and my brother Zach was in town.  It was fun, aside from the surgery, but that turned out to go well.  She had a polyp and they removed it, she hasn't had any problems since.  I had been dealing with this for over half of her life and now it is finally resolved!  What a relief that has been!  She was an angel and all of the nurses and doctors wanting to keep her.  She recovered quickly and is as healthy as ever!   
 Anyways, back to the wedding.  Everyone came that weekend to help set up, which was a disaster, until it was finished.  It looked amazing and everything came together right at the end, which it usually does.  Zach flew in Friday night, Brooke got sealed Saturday morning, had a reception that night, and we packed up Sunday morning and drove to Denver.  So here we are, in Denver, so far it has been cold and lonely for me, but each day gets better.  I have never been away from home, so that part has definitely been the hardest.  I think we will really enjoy it here and I am looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends.  This past weekend was Zach's Birthday so we went out for a nice dinner, and then of course yesterday was Valentine's day, Zach made me a nice steak and shrimp dinner.  So it was a wonderful day and I love him more now then ever!  So that is our life, busy, but wonderful!


The Swank Family said...

Hey! Where are you guys in Denver? We will be joining you in a couple of months! Did you buy a house or are you renting? Let me know!! Hope it's going ok for you!

Tayter Bug said...

We are in Thornton, we are just renting for now. We love it!