Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In Training!

Okay so I know a lot has happened since my last post, such as Halloween, Taytum's 2nd Birthday, Thanksgiving, and who knows what else, but I do have it all recorded in a journal....somewhere.  So let me try and catch up on here and then we will get to the most intense, smelly, and tiring training I have ever been involved in....potty training! 
So Halloween, Taytum was a penguin!  You might think that is random but she has a weird thing for pengiuns, always has.  Somehow we have managed to collect more than enough stuffed animals in the last 2 years, and a chunk of those are penguins.  Only one of them is cute too, but that is beside the point.  Taytum was a very cute penguin and learned how to say trick or treat!  It was awesome!  Finnley was a lady bug, the reason for that is because I saw a costume at Costco and thought that would be cute, comfy, and warm, so I bought it.  Let's just say Halloween is on the top of my least favorite holidays.  I don't know why exactly, I guess because it was always freezing, scary, and I ate to much candy which lead to stomach and tooth aches.  But it is different now that I have two little ones I get to dress up for.
Next, Taytum's Birthday, well I can't believe she is 2 in wo ways.  I can't believe she is only 2 in some ways and that she is already 2 in others.  She does so much it is crazy!  We spent her b-day in Cedar because Zach's Grandma June passed away and her funeral was that day.  So we went to that and she managed to put on a show even at the funeral.  She was with me on the stage singing and then decided she had had enought of that, so she marched on down the stairs and strutted up the aisle to get to my mom in the very back.  You could help but laugh.  So we had a Dora cake and ice cream, which she loved, she blew out the candle, which she loved, but mostly she loved everyone singing to her.  She loves attention!  We got her a dog named Hogan and she goes crazy for him.  They have a love-hate relationship.  I will see her kicking him and then kissing him in the span of 30 seconds.  He bites her a little and then licks her to death so it goes both ways. 
Next, Finnley is now 6 1/2 months and is a golden child!  She is so so nice!  She rolls over, sits up, and is extremely alert.  She loves to blow bubbles and her voice is really deep.  I am so excited to see her personality begin to come out.  It blows me away how unique each person is, especially siblings.  I mean how does that happen?  Taytum and Finnley look very much alike in there structure but have very different features.  Finn is tan and dark eyes, Taytum is lighter and bright blue eyes and their hair color and texture is way different!  It's just another sign to me of how little I really have to do with anything! It's all up to the Man upstairs. 
Okay Thanksgiving, worst of my life for multiple reasons which I will not go into all of them.... but basically lots of family pictures and lots of puking.  That pretty much sums up the weekend!  I lost 6lbs in a span of 3 days, and Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday!  So yeah I was not super grateful this year, but all joking aside, I truly am blessed.  I have a wonderful family that I love deeply and that love's me back.  Really what else is there?  So now we will move forward to my 5 year anniversary coming up, and Christmas!  Hope everyone has a great Holiday Season's and can practice the true meaning of Christmas!

I almost forgot to mention the potty training.  Well Taytum just turned 2 so I was thinking it was a little early to worry about it but she keeps telling me she wants to "poop in the toilet" or "potty outside" with the dog, so I figured, I better not hold her back.  We started yesterday morning and have 0 potty's or poop's in the toilet and about 4 accident's.  Today she wanted to go on the toilet and then told me that I should leave and to shut the door.  So I did and I went back in about a minute later and she had climbed on the toilet and got nail polish and was back on the floor painting her toes!  The amazing thing was, she didn't spill at all, and actually got most of it on her toes!  After that she told me that I needed to go potty, so I put her diaper back on and called it a day! 

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