Thursday, March 22, 2012

March already?

Well once again it has been a while since my last blog.  A lot has changed, as it tends to do over a large amount of time.  I will start out with Finnley, she is now 10 months old, crawling, and has 6 teeth.  She was such a mellow baby that I thought for sure that's how she was going to be, well one day she decided that she wanted some of the attention, so she has come out of her quiet little shell and is bursting with personality.  She giggles all the time, but it sounds like she is crying, it's like a deep, forced, giggle and it is hilarious!  She thinks that bed time means game time and as soon as I lay her down in the crib she is giggling and climbing up and trying to get out.  So I will start to leave and then turn back around and she goes crazy, jumping and laughing.  It is pretty funny.  Her top 2 teeth are about a thumbs width apart and they are huge, it's sooo cute/goofy looking.  I have been told that space is a good thing so I'm not too concerned yet.  She pulls herself up on things and is very interested in shoes.  Not sure where that came from ;-) okay maybe I have a thing with shoes, but what women doesn't?  She absolutely is a momma's girl, which I am so happy about, because Taytum couldn't care less whether I'm around or not, but Finn, she loves me to hold her and play with her.  Most of all Finnley love love loves Taytum and Taytum loves Finnley.  It is so fun to watch them play together.  Taytum can get her to laugh more than anyone and Finnley just follows her around the best she can being on all fours.  Taytum is so cute with Finn and really is super sweet.  Occasionally Taytum uses the phrase "that's mine" which I think is pretty common in a 2 year old, or 25 year old's world.  So on to Tayter bug, she now corrects me when I call her that.  Me: Hey Tayter Bug!  Taytum: No it's Taytum.  She also will be talking and I can't understand some of the things she says so I will say "what Taytum" and she get's really upset and says, "don't what Taytum" it's pretty funny, so then I will say "I don't understand" and she'll get really mad and say "Don't understand Mom!"  Very entertaining, for me atleast.  Taytum is now 2 years and 4 months old and I cannot believe it.  They grow up so fast it's scary!  She likes to dress herself and she always wants to wear a skirt and her pink shoes.  She has about 5 purses and 20 lip glosses.  I have about 1 of each.  She knows where people stash there lip gloss and gum so she goes right for the purse of anyone that leaves it lying around and she usually ends up with a few extra lip glosses every time we are with the family.  She knows that I don't love her having a gallon of lip gloss on her lips so she will get some and go hide somewhere, like behind the couch or door or under a blanket.  I'm a little concerned about that but I'm sure it is just a phase, I mean I haven't heard of any adults being addicted to lip gloss.  Taytum also loves to dance and sing.  In fact a few nights ago she slept in our room because Brooke was staying over, and Taytum woke up at 12:30 and decided to sing 5 little ducks.  She sang this and whatever else she could think of until 4 a.m.  I was obviously cool, calm, and collected, (NOT) throughout this time frame, because I do just fine when I don't get much sleep.  So finally we turned on a movie and just let her go.  The next day we laughed about it, but at the time, I was not a happy camper.  On to Zach and I.  Well Zach is working with Grainger still and loves it.  He just went to a training in Florida where he met Paul Sr. from OCC.  And he got to go to universal studios.  I went to Cedar and Vegas and had a great time.  I was able to go to the State Playoff games and loved every minute of it.  In Vegas, JaCoy set up a run called "Defending Freedom" in honor of Ben who is currently in Afghanistan.  It was awesome, about 200 people showed up for a 5k 10k half or 25 mile bike ride.  So currently she is a single mother of 5 very busy kids, and she organizes a huge event.  She is unbelievable!  Seriously I don't know one thing this woman can't do!  So anyways I stayed down there for a few days and enjoyed the sunshine.  The past few weeks I have basically been watching a lot of basketball because of course March is my favorite month!  Last Thursday-Sunday I probably logged about 20 hours of basketball, it was AMAZING!  Zach had to take over in motherhood duties!
We are still in Kaysville and are loving our neighborhood, ward, and new friends.  It is a good place to be and our little family is growing up so fast. 

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Anne Marie said...

Loved the update! Your girls are so cute and getting so big!! You are an awesome mom... Taytum should Already know by now not to mess with your sleep! miss you guys!!