Monday, April 9, 2012


Well it was a great Easter weekend! My parents were able to come up and the weather couldn't have been better! Saturday we went egg hunting and Taytum was so excited to see the Easter bunny. She has a thing with stuffed animals, so when they are huge and moving she goes crazy! For example, swoop the Utah ute mascot she loves and talks about him all the time. So we took her to see him and she blew kisses to him, waved, gave h knuckles, and even has a swoop pillow pet. The Easter bunny was even more exciting because of her Easter bunny pillow pet that she can't live without! She drags that thing everywhere and will say "I need my bunny and my bink" it is really cute. So anyways here are some pics of Easter. Finn she is just the best sport and is so good all of the time! Love these girls so much!

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kadeandmaddie said...

How cute! Yeah my girls would scream bloody murder if I took them near that Bunny!